About me

My experience

I have eighteen  years of experience working with clients as a counsellor and psychotherapist. My work has been greatly influenced by working for many years in a therapeutic community and by experiencing the change and healing of many clients who came in with very difficult and painful issues. I continue to be inspired by my clients and by their courage and their willingness to change.


My philosophy

I feel that working with each client is unique. I work in an integrative manner, incorporating the  teachings that I have experienced in my training. The way I work with clients is determined by what difficulties they are experiencing in their lives.

I will encourage you to develop the qualities that you need in order to face the challenges that you are experiencing and I will help you to find a sense of direction and a purpose in life.

I will work holistically with you, enabling you to look at your past and present life in a safe and contained environment so that you can gain a better understanding of yourself and your patterns and behaviours, therefore helping you to lead a healthy and fruitful life and to have meaningful relationships both with yourself and others.

My work experience

In addition to my private practice, my professional experiences ranges from managing teams in residential settings for addiction; facilitating therapy groups, workshops and survivors of sexual violence groups..

For eight years I was  also involved in co ordinating a project for domestic violence.

Nicole Castellani - counsellor/psychotherapist