Are you feeling down, does life get on top of you? Are you fed up with the same old problems repeating themselves in your life? Do you want to make changes but are unsure how?

There are many people who experience anxiety and panic from time to time. Most people can relate to feeling tense, uncertain and even fearful. Perhaps this may be the thought of sitting an exam, going to hospital, starting a new job, being made redundant, feeling lonely or being single. These worries can affect your sleep, your appetite, your ability to concentrate. If you worry more than others it could be because of your personality, current circumstances, or past childhood experiences.

If these feelings are overwhelming you then therapy can help. I have been working with stress, anxiety and depression for the past 18 years. My work with addiction has given me valuable insights into ways of working with these difficulties.

With your cooperation I can help you get your life back to normal. Together we can challenge your negative self beliefs, and encourage you to follow your dreams. I can help you to understand and manage your anxiety. I can help you to confront and tolerate your fears, by understanding where the anxiety originates from and help create a new perspective on things. Relaxation and mindfulness techniques can help you to relax and to break the cycle. Together we can look at your negative thinking patterns and reframe them in a more positive and healthy framework for better living. This can lead to a more positive future. Therapy will help and support you to make that change happen.

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