Relationships can be challenging, uplifting, shattering, beautiful, deceitful, and painful – they are the basis for growth. They test our ability to feel, to care, to share, to be free and to find meaning in our lives.

Through counselling, I can help you look at issues with intimacy, conflict, differences and co-dependency.

Person-to-person relating is one of the most central motivations that people have and it can bring many individuals and couples to find a therapist. How you relate to others is central to how you relate to yourself. Previous relationships are important, as is your relationship to your family of origin as it informs current relationships.

I like to create a safe space where you can explore, understand, work through and improve the dynamics of your relationships.

I may also draw on dynamics that are happening in the here and now within the therapeutic relationship in order to shed light on difficulties and to help you understand yourself more.

Please contact me if you would like to inquire about relationship therapy in West Hampstead.