Low self-esteem

Self esteem is the ability to value ourselves. The value you place on yourself will often reflect on how others appreciate and listen to what you share. You may feel unheard or taken for granted; you may also be unable to express the anger and frustration that is accumulating in you and this in turn may lead to resentments and you giving up on things.

If you feel that now is the time to look at how you want to change you may need to look at the idea that you are unique and special and that there is no other person like you. The most important step and the first one is to embrace the idea of loving and accepting yourself the way you are. You need to start shifting your energy from negative to positive as this can help you to gain confidence.

Therapy and counselling can help you to take steps to get to know the real you, to empower yourself and this in turn can make you stronger and help to transform the attitude you have towards yourself.

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